The Future of Manufacturing - The rise of AI and the transformative power of predictive tech

Advantages of Connecting ERP and MES Solutions for Supply Chain Visibility

By Manufacturers - For Manufacturers

The Human Connection in Connected Process Control

Connecting the Customized Manufacturing Dots

Kitting: A Production Difference-Maker

Manufacturing Throughput

Digitalization Pitfalls

Manufacturing KPIs

Maximizing Digital Transformation Benefits

Digital Twins

Quality Control, Compliance, and Regulatory Adherence in the Age of Manufacturing Innovation

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Training: Harnessing IoT Devices for Realistic Simulation

Are Your SOPs Slowing Down Your Digital Transformation?

Data-Driven Manufacturing

How to Make Complex Manufacturing Easier with Connected Process Control

Poka-yoke Your Manufacturing Operations

Utilizing Decision Tasks to Reduce Operator Errors

The Importance of Part Traceability in Modern Manufacturing

Closing the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Connecting Your Smart Tools to a Smart Factory

Don't Just Monitor Your Plant Floor

Digital Transformation 101: Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

Factory Floor Feedback

Accelerating Manufacturing Digital Transformation

How to Improve First Pass Yield

7 Ways Connected Process Control Can Decrease Manufacturing Costs

eFlex Systems Joins Epicor, Extending Mission to Modernize Manufacturing

eFlex Systems Exhibiting at Hannover Messe 2022

3 Quick Ways to Error Proof Pack-Out Stations

eFlex Partners with XPERTIO to Expand Digital Manufacturing in Mexico and Latin America

Digital Work Instructions are Changing the Future of Manufacturing

The Current State of Manufacturing and How Technology Will Accelerate Digitization

Shoring Up the Future

Setting Operators Up for Success with Digital Work Instructions

6 Tips for Simplifying Digital Work Instructions

Digital Work Instructions Made Easy

Vehicle Assembly 102

Why Digital Transformations Fail

How to Easily Manage High Mix Assembly with MIP Technology

Utilizing Digital Work Instructions for Manufacturing COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies

Identifying the 8 Lean Manufacturing Waste in Your Organization

Why Manufacturing Traceability is a Necessity

A Prescription for Digital Traceability

The Digital Training Transformation

Advantages of Digital Manufacturing Traceability & Product Genealogy

Not Kitting Around

IIoT Tool Connect and the Manufacturing Integrated Platform

Minimizing Quality Spills on the Plant Floor

eFlex Systems Exhibiting at The Assembly Show October 22-24, 2019

Starting: Up (Manufacturing Startups and Inspired New Tech Solutions)

Leveraging Lean Manufacturing for High-Mix Assembly Operations

5 Tools to Help Error-Proof, High-Mix Assembly Operations

Getting Started with a Manufacturing Integrated Platform

In Sequence

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Celebrating 20 Years at eFlex

The Variation Variable: Accommodating High-Variation Manufacturing Complexity

When Cultures Clash in the Manufacturing Arena

The Manufacturing Integrated Platform (MIP) Revolution

The New Factory Floor

eFlex Systems Exhibiting at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, IL – October 23-25, 2018

eFlex Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with Turck

Electronic Work Instructions Address Manufacturing Employee Retention, Quality

Elude Lean Fatigue

Track and Trace for Small Food Manufacturers

Opinion: The Intersection of Paperless Work Instruction and IIoT Cobots

eFlex Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with Atlas Copco

Cloud Based MES, ETO, and Job Element Monitoring

Is SAAS for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Implementation the Key to Unlocking Immediate ROI?

Material Flow and Presentation Starts with Kitting Work Instructions and Job Element Monitoring

Solving Quality and Process Challenges for Medical Manufacturing

eFlex Announces Addition of Fastening Controller Open Protocol to JEM Assembly

How to choose the right digital work instruction software?

Machine Learning 

The "e" in eFlex 

Three Ways Our Bowling Team Cultivates Culture

“There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Perfect Language”

eFlex Exhibiting at the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo in Cleveland, March 7-8, 2018. Visit Booth 434 for a Live Demo! 

How to Build a Remote Friendly Environment

Machine-to-Machine Connectivity with MQTT

Five benefits of switching from Scrum to Kanban

eFlex partners with Light Guide Systems, adding augmented reality (AR) capabilities to JEM — work instruction software

Visit eFlex Systems at The Assembly Show 2017, Booth #441

Ventra to integrate eFlex Software in its Sandusky plant for complete traceability of its automotive lighting production

Visit eFlex Systems at the Automate Show 2017, Booth #2419

Tomorrow's UI Today... if you want it.

Nissan Awards eFlex Systems to Implement Assembly Software for Another Decherd Engine Line

A Kanban Plan

Networked image server simplifies systems integration

Why Do Software Developers Like MongoDB?

What causes conflict between plant floor and IT in manufacturing?

Navistar integrates eFlex's software into its Springfield Plant

Manufacturing Traceability on the Rise

GM Refurbishes 4-Cylinder Engine Plant to a V8 Line in a Cost Effective, Timely Manner Using eFlex Software

14 Software Design Rules You Should Never Break

Why Aren't Manufacturers Leading in Technology?

eFlex Systems Releases Job Element Light (JEL)

eFlex Systems Releases Job Element Monitor (JEM)

What’s the Best Method for Storing & Organizing Part Inspection Images from Your Manufacturing Process?

Join Us in Booth #348 at The Assembly Show 2016 for a Demo of our Traceability Solution

Flexible Assembly Software Tools Available in eFlex Assembly

9 Scenarios of Common Assembly Line Issues

The Zone vs Distributed Cost Debate

Nissan Incorporates eFlex Assembly Technology Suite In State-of-the-Art Infiniti Decherd Powertrain Plant

eFlex Assembly Featured in Assembly Magazine Article: Decentralized Control Lends Flexibility to GM Plant

Demo eFlex's SmartGlass for Google Glass at The Assembly Show 2014

New World Headquarters for eFlex Systems Is Open!

Manufacturing in America 2014 - eFlex Track & Trace Being Unveiled

Thinking Outside the Box - Literally

The 2013 Assembly Show a Huge Success!

eFlex Systems Speaking at AMS North America Conference 2013

eFlex Systems Exhibiting at The Assembly Show Oct 28-30, 2013

Join eFlex at the 2013 Manufacturing in American Symposium

Convergence, Flexibility Drive the Global Automotive Reality: Automaking Poised to Enter Next Stage of Development

Elite Engineering Inc. Announces Rebranding of Company and Products to eFlex Systems

2012 Electro-Matic Tech Tip Off

eFlex at the Tech ManufactureXPO

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