Monitor it. Measure it. Improve it.

Machine State & Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increase productivity, improve quality and cut costs to successfully compete in today's market. With Epicor Connected Process Control's OEE, capture data directly from machines/equipment and organize it in a manner that drives peak performance. Visualize content on any web-capable device such as a large overhead display, any PC connected to the network or a tablet.

eFlex plant floor digital andon board with real-time OEE.
Device frame for the eFlex platform.
eFlex interface example of real-time OEE metrics.

Robust Scheduling and data metrics

Epicor Connected Process Control's OEE allows users to schedule the entire week in one interface.

  • Configure a schedule to apply to individual stations and groups.
  • Set schedule expiration dates.
  • Intuitively configure recurring schedules.
  • View older archived schedules.
  • Visualize metrics and key performance indicators for continuous improvement.

  • Pinpoint problems fast

  • Station operators have the ability to enter notes and reason codes for faulted, starved or blocked stations.
  • Notification features pinpoint the most concerning problems allowing plant personnel to take action immediately.

  • Device frame for the eFlex platform.
    eFlex interface example of rework and repair strategies being integrated.

    Key Features of our OEE solution:

    Streamline Data Flows.

    Streamline the collection of key performance indicators from shop floor equipment and operators. Interlock to machine controls to ensure events are properly classified.

    Set Production Targets & Displays

    Set production targets and benchmarks per asset and resource. Configure dashboards to display current needs and historical trends to optimize improvement plans and processes.

    Real-time Visibility of operations.

    Data is provided in real-time. Personnel will have immediate access to critical data allowing them to make quick decisions and reduce downtime.

    Identify Quality Issues Quickly.

    Gain visibility into production constraints, bottlenecks and quality concerns. Assign root causes to downtime events, classify idle time and enter scrap codes. Quickly notify key personnel via text and email when issues occur.

    Increase Productivity.

    Obtain summary aggregation and drill-down visibility of assets, allowing you to boost productivity. Transparency of assets and resources allows for improved production, faster performance times with better quality.

    Set Reports & Security.

    Report manufacturing operation details such as machine status, shift peformance, downtime analysis, OEE, defects, operator productivity, etc. Provide tightly integrated security, activity logs and role-based access privileges.

    Industry 4.0 smart factory.

    Monitor It. Measure It. Improve It.

    To learn more about Epicor Connected Process Control's OEE and how it can improve lean manufacturing efforts, contact our sales engineering team today. We're here to help!

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