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by Dan McKiernan, on Apr 23, 2024 4:36:24 PM

The critical importance of working with technology partners who walk the walk every day.

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In the manufacturing world, digital transformation is no longer a rarity. Having access to the powerful new tools and technologies that a digital transformation provides is increasingly seen as non-negotiable for manufacturers who want to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

The transformation process can sometimes feel like an intimidating and time-consuming exercise in educated guesswork for businesses trying to assess the value and advantages of a new system. Which is why the best manufacturing technology professionals and leading providers of connected process control solutions don’t just provide the tech infrastructure. Instead, they guide their clients and partners through the digital transformation process in a way that makes logistical, financial, and technical sense.

To truly deliver value, the MES solution you choose should be able to adapt to your specific manufacturing needs, helping ensure that every new connected technology seamlessly integrates with your existing operations. It’s worth seeking out a technology partner with a workforce that understands manufacturing on a deep and often personal level. In some cases, they have quite literally been there and done that, having had a career that ranged from the shop floor to the top floor. That combination is not common, but it is valuable. The last thing any manufacturer wants to do is explain to a sales rep how and why they operate the way they do.

These experienced manufacturing professionals not only understand the business, they understand the day-to-day, operational goals and challenges of manufacturing. Consequently, they are not only able to speak directly to manufacturing customers and professional partners, they can also more effectively design and deliver connected process control solutions that address the challenges and nuances of your business.

For manufacturers considering investing in a process control solution as part of their digital transformation, selecting a technology partner with demonstrated expertise in the manufacturing space should be a top priority. Unfortunately, in an increasingly crowded marketplace, finding tactical, industry-informed strategic guidance can be a challenge—but is definitely worth seeking out.

This level of expertise helps build rapport, and gives you, the customer, confidence to engage in practical, insightful conversations about your operational goals. When you have sales leaders who have not only been supporting manufacturers with their MES needs for decades but have done things like spending more than eight years working closely with a Toyota Production System lean manufacturing sensei, that experience has real value.

That value can be particularly relevant when you’re ready to upgrade your technical infrastructure but might not know the best way to go about it. Experts who essentially have one foot in technology and another in manufacturing can quickly identify what the best solutions might look like for your business, as well as the level of support and service you’ll need throughout your digital transformation.

At Epicor, nearly half of all sales are focused on manufacturers, while our flagship ERP product serves a diverse group of manufacturers around the world. From initial consultation to implementation, from training to ongoing support, tech partners with this proven manufacturing experience and expertise stand out. They aren’t just selling, they are consulting—working with you to help ensure that the connected process control solutions you choose are efficient, cost-effective, and ready to give your business the competitive edge.

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