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How to Build a Remote Friendly Environment

 by Austin Pocus, Software Developer at eFlex Systems

Machine-to-Machine Connectivity with MQTT

 by Israel Vicars, Software Developer at eFlex Systems

Five benefits of switching from Scrum to Kanban

 by Mike Brinker, Software Architect - Team Leader at eFlex Systems

eFlex partners with Light Guide Systems, adding augmented reality (AR) capabilities to JEM — work instruction software

Industry 4.0 is changing manufacturing environments with the use of increased automation and real-time data to maximize productivity and reduce costs.  While more companies automate routine tasks, operators are still necessary and better at many non-routine tasks.  In order to leverage lean operations and competiveness, manufacturers need to invest in technology that expands the capabilities of machines and workers beyond what they could accomplish working alone.     

Visit eFlex Systems at The Assembly Show 2017, Booth #441


Ventra to integrate eFlex Software in its Sandusky plant for complete traceability of its automotive lighting production


Visit eFlex Systems at the Automate Show 2017, Booth #2419

Visit eFlex Systems at the Automate Show April 3-6, 2017 at the McCormick Place, Chicago, IL.   Check out our MES Solutions for manufacturing including eFlex Vision Image Management Software.  Live demos available for hands on experience of our software capabilities.  

Tomorrow's UI Today... if you want it.

 by John Gnotek, Senior User Experience Designer at eFlex Systems

Nissan Awards eFlex Systems to Implement Assembly Software for Another Decherd Engine Line