eFlex Systems Releases Job Element Monitor (JEM)

by George Jewell, on Aug 15, 2016 3:43:36 PM

New Software Release:  eFlex has released our electronic job instructions software which will work in conjunction with eFlex Assembly.  Instructions can be shown for the station or each task.  Additionally, as tasks are enabled and completed, the JEM software will automatically show the current task status, time, instruction image and instruction text.

eFlex Systems has released  electronic job instruction to our enterprise software solution.  JEM works in conjunction with our Assembly software and allows users to simply add images and written instructions for a station and tasks within the station.  With the addition of the JEM software to the plug-n-play  eFlex Assembly solution, users will have a comprehensive and highly flexible assembly architecture.

  This new software provides:

  • Completely paperless job instructions
  • Responsive web interface
  • Task status, times and instructions automatically change during the station operation.
  • Colaborative environment where users can enter station related notes
  • Safety instructions or MSDS information
  • User selectable languages
  • Part Status, SN, and Model
  • Station Over time indicator 
  • Much more........

eFlex Systems JEM Page




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