eFlex Announces Addition of Fastening Controller Open Protocol to JEM Assembly

by George Jewell, on May 3, 2018 12:59:11 PM

News Release - Rochester Hills, MI - May 3, 2018 

eFlex systems is pleased to announce that Open Protocol V1 and V2 has been added to our JEM Assembly product.  In addition to configurable I/O, barcode scanners, any wedge-capable device, and Cognex Vision Systems, eFlex now offers connection to fastening tools which support the Open Protocol interface.  The software can enable the controller in a configurable sequence, send PSETs, disable the tool with a specific count, store torque and angle data, and tool faults. Simultaneously, our JEM interface which displays model and BOM-specific work instructions will display and capture torque/angle data in association to a serial number.  Open Protocol is supported by numerous fastening vendors such as Atlas Copco, Stanley, Cleco, and Panasonic to name a few.

JEMTaskGrid-ProcessDataDisplay-TorqueAngle-Medical-01-01Multi-Task JEM Screen View 

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