Elite Engineering Inc. Announces Rebranding of Company and Products to eFlex Systems

by Rebecca Kotz, on Aug 1, 2012 3:54:00 PM

After 24 years of experience in manufacturing engineering software and consulting solutions, Elite Engineering, Inc. will change its name effective August 1, 2012 to eFlex Systems to reflect the new branding and direction of the company. The company believes its new name better represents the full nature of its products and services, which are broader than the Elite Engineering name implies.

Daniel McKiernan, President of eFlex Systems, said “The purpose of our new name is to showcase the new branding initiative of “eFlex” and how our solutions provide flexibility to our customers in their lean manufacturing processes. The new name will also further establish our unique identity and capabilities in the industry.”

The company-wide name change is reflected not only in the corporate entity, but also in the product line. The new name will capture the wide range of products that Elite Engineering is known for, including, eFlex Assembly (formerly known as eFACS), eFlex Vision (formerly known as eVision) and eFlex Kitting.

About eFlex Systems

eFlex Systems is a recognized industry leader in the design and implementation of advanced technology and world-class assembly optimization solutions for the manufacturing and information technology markets. We help our customers achieve the right balance of technology and lean manufacturing principles to meet changing market demands. Serving a global customer base, we continue to expand our production assembly optimization expertise. We rely on our reputation as a world class manufacturing software company and manufacturing consulting firm to both attract new customers and preserve our relationship with existing clients. Our team includes a diverse group of engineers from manufacturing, software and consulting disciplines.


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