Flexible Assembly Software Tools Available in eFlex Assembly

by Dan McKiernan, on Sep 8, 2015 1:00:00 PM

The eFlex Assembly infrastructure contains a Process Configuration Tool, Process Improvement Tool and Process Engineering Tool that are accessible and visible from the office to the plant floor.

Process Configuration Tool

  • Perform line changes with the Process Configuration Tool, instead of coding ladder logic and HMI programs.
  • Rebalance and reconfigure the line (without re-programming) within hours by simply unplugging and re-plugging the equipment.
  • Improve flexibility through clearly-defined process standards.
  • Define specific requirements and process sequencing for each part, model, and option.
  • Rapidly accommodate production schedule changes and rebalance your lines within hours. Learn more. (link to blog post Changes in Demand Causing Issues?)


Process Improvement Tool

  • Use built-in time study of all interlocked tasks to have actual time estimates that have been averaged over the life of the task to accurately balance the work.
  • Real-time analytics that provide feedback on the impact of any change or the current status of the line.
  • As stations are reconfigured with the Configuration Tool the Process Improvement Tool reporting will automatically follow.
  • Simple reporting and statistics to more easily and accurately target constraining processes. (TOC main emphasis).
  • Measure improvement efforts through 100% sampling thereby increasing accuracy and time to indication.
  • Standardized and seamlessly integrated data flow collection and reporting to provide clear analytics and improve decision-making

The Process Improvement Tool can be broken down into 3 specific reporting areas.

  1. Time Study: Relates to cycle times of the stations and tasks. Each part cycle time is captured and used to statistically determine a baseline and then can used to measure improvement with planned change.
  2. Non-Conforming (Rejects): Captured for each part and used to statistically determine a baseline and measure improvement with planned change.
  3. Line Stoppage: Points to problem stations which cause line stoppage due to over-cycles. These stations can be targeted for improvement.
  4. Lean Metrics: Key metrics like Total Manufacturing Build Time and Work In Process are shown and used for improvement measure.

Learn more. (Link to blog post “Analytics that Adapt to Assembly Line Changes.”)

Process Engineering Tool

A planning environment to manage everything that will impact the line and includes time estimation, line balancing, fastener loading, and work instructions.

  • Line Balancing based on the 100% sampling of Tasks over the life of the task.
  • Manage work instructions.
  • Time estimation
  • Run line balance scenarios offline, without needing development and debugging.
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