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Epicor Connected Process Control has an easy-to-use software solution to configure digital work instructions, enforce process control and error proof operations. Easily connect IoT devices while collecting 100% time studies, process data and images down to the task level for review and Andon reporting needs. Real-time visibility of operations and quality control at a whole new level!

digital works instructions for operators - gathering data for process control

Smart Work Instructions

Build products right - every time!

Whether you are a model-based or component-based manufacturer with thousands of parts or product variations, Epicor Connected Process Control can meet your unique needs. Link work instructions to Bill of Materials (BOMs), ensuring products are built correctly, every time, even when changes are made in process. Work instructions that are part of an advanced system will automatically react to your model and component variations, only displaying the correct work instructions for what is currently being built in station.

eflex bom or model digital integration process: connect ERP, work instruction variables, collected data.
1. BOM or Model

Easily connect to upper level systems (ERP).

2. Work Instructions & Device Control Variables

Automatically display the correct build option, associated work instruction, and device control based on BOM or Model at the station level.

3. Collected Data

Collect and analyze unlimited process data for continuous improvement.

  • Torque & Angle
  • Pass & Fail
  • Cycle Time
  • Digital Birth Certificate
  • and more...

Compatible with all industries

Of any size. With any complexity.


Medical Device

Heavy Equipment




Food & Beverage

Consumer Goods

and many more...

Uses for digital work instructions:

Technicians doing maintenance to improve quality.


Eliminate maintenance paper slips and manual tracking. Never miss a step or timeline and get a permanent digital record for all assets and equipment.

A vision system taking images of a part.


Visually guide operators on correct assembly procedures with pass/fail validation. Operators will always have the most up-to-date WI available in station.

An Operator using pick lights to select the correct part.


Digitally monitor, manage and document the quality process. Ensure products are built correctly, defect free and meet compliance and reguatory standards.

A technician using digital work instructions to maintain safety requirements.


Quick links and digital display of safety information for operators. Station set-up, MSDS, protective gear or any industry specific information necessary.

Operators using training features from digital work instructions.


Utilize digital work instructions for step-by-step simulated training. Accelerate employee onboarding and digitally monitor outcomes and readiness.

Real-time digital data visualized with eFlex Andon on the plant floor.


Complete digital audits and inspections of your processes. Real-time data collection ensures fast and accurate results for continous improvement efforts.

Meet JEM

Watch a short three minute overview of Job Element Monitor, or JEM for short, our digital work instruction solution!

Lean manufacturing systems.

Work Instruction Editor (WIE)

With our built-in work instruction editor, users can quickly and easily create digital work instructions. Import photos, link to videos and PDF documents. Easily markup photos with additional text, icons and images, to highlight key information and provide maximum clarity. No need to utilize outside resources like Word, Excel or Powerpoint for work instruction creation. The functionality is embedded in the application!

Device frame for the eFlex platform.
The digital work instruction editor within eFlex JEM.

IoT Devices

Easily integrate IoT devices into your work instructions - no programming needed!

Features and Benefits of Our System

The benefits of digital work instructions and standard operating procedures over paper-based systems is vast.

Easy Set-Up & Creation

Easily create work instructions with the built-in work instruction editor (WIE) tool. Use images, written instructions, video or connect to current PDF files. Quickly set-up task sequences and lines with drag-n-drop functionality - no programming needed.

Completely connected with integrated tooling

Connect to upper level systems such as ERP, MES, BOMs & schedulers or eDHR. Easily integrate and collect process data from tooling and devices such as; barcode scanners, torque tools, gauges, cobots, vision systems & inspection cameras, pick lights, sensors, augmented reality systems, and more.

Traceability & Error Proofing

Easily configure pre-requisite determination and enforcement. Capture part genealogy, batch and lot tracking, component and sub-component marriages, as well as rejected parts.

Advanced BI Reporting, Dashboards, & Alerts

Every company likes to track different variables and statistics that pertain to their specific production needs. Our Business Intelligence reporting tool allows customers to view the information that is most important to them. Display information in customizable, real-time dashboards. Get alerts via email and texts.


With our web-based software application, create work instructions or view reports anywhere, anytime via browser on any web-capable device - Surface Tablet, Chromebook, iPad, etc. No client side software load required. Monitor real-time production as needed.

Document Library & Version Control

Access and store work instructions in the built-in library within the work instructon editor. Only team members allowed to edit work instructions will have access to the library and work instruction approval process. Built-in version control captures when work instruction are updated and approved.

Real-Time Interactions & Cycle Times

Work instructions and tasks are displayed in real-time. Get 100% time capture for each process task start & stop. Cycle time indicator shows targeted time for each station as well as actual time per station. Station data gives management the tools they need to make data-driven operational decisions.

Accelerated Training

Off-line mode for separate training and production statuses. When new staff is able to walk through each production task step-by-step with written instructions and/or visuals, training is accelerated. The system also has user configurable areas for station set-up, safety information, MSDS, etc, which impacts training.

Data Collection For Entire Process - End to End

Built-in and customizable process data collection fields. Get a digital history of your entire production process. Track items such as – cycle times, quality checklists, inspections/verifications, who completed them, tooling measurements, camera images, user specific notes. No limits on what you can collect and view.

Cloud or On-Site Hosting

Run application locally or in the cloud. You decide what works best for your operation. Both are web-based with direct access to data anywhere, anytime.

Secure Log-In & Verification Process

Easily set-up multi-user levels and permissions. Track operator login time and credentials. If specific training or certification is needed in order to run a station, log-in requirements can be set to make sure compliance standards are met.


Implement digital work instructions on one line, in one plant or use as a global solution. With a scalable solution, you choose when and where you need it. Seamlessly integrate with other Epicor Connected Process Control solutions, all stored on one simple application interface.

Advanced Work Instruction Capabilities

Guide operators and error proof at a whole new level with these advanced capabilities!

Device frame for the eFlex platform.
An example of eFlex event-based digital work instructions.

Advanced Work Instruction Capabilities

Provide automatic feedback loops to operators and never leave them guessing what to do next. For example, if a part is rejected at the station, a work instruction would automatically display to the operator what to do based on the rejected event. When work instructions are formatted to show operators exactly what to do given possible events, delays and errors are virtually eliminated.

Animated Guidance

Animated guidance provides faster learning potential and visually guides operators through work instructions. For example, if an operator has five bolts to fasten, the work instructions would highlight the bolt to be fastened first, then, when that is completed, would highlight each subsequent bolt in order until the series is completed. This provides more specific visual guidance and ordering with less room for error and misunderstanding.

Device frame for the eFlex platform.
An example of animated guidance for operators in eFlex digital work instructions.
Device frame for the eFlex platform.
An example of part data being captured and stored through eFlex digital work instructions.

Process data capture.

Collect unlimited amounts of process data with built-in and customizable data collection fields. Track items such as – cycle times, quality checklists, inspections/verifications, who completed them, tooling measurements, camera images, user specific notes, and much more. This will further eliminate paper at the station level and reduce manual data entry errors or missed entries.

Continuous Improvement

Lean Manufacturing Principles

With Epicor Connected Process Control, easily streamline continuous improvement initiatives. Users can quickly and easily configure processes and create standarized work instructions. Connect and enable IoT devices with no programming needed. Ensure operators follow the appropriate task sequence for error proofing. Collect unlimited amounts of process data, and ultimately, turn data silos into useful insight for ongoing improvement initiatives.

Industry 4.0 four Cs of process control: Configure, Connect, Control, Collect.
An engineer formatting eflex digital work instructions and process control.

Accelerate Training & onboarding

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