Work Instruction Software


Configure written instructions, images and sequences according to your assembly process.  Ability to also configure safety requirements for each station or task, such as MSDS, PPE, station set-up and more.


Work instructions and tasks are displayed in real-time.  Cycle time indicator shows targeted time for each station as well as actual time per station.  Station data gives management the tools they need to make data-driven operational decisions. 

Secure Log-In

Station level log-in access and tracking.  If specific training or certification is needed in order to run a station, log-in requirements can be set to make sure compliance standards are met. 

Job Element Monitoring (JEM) - Work Instruction Software


JEM is a web-based, paperless, manufacturing software solution that  provides work instructions for a station or individual tasks.  In real-time as tasks are enabled and completed the system will automatically move to the proper image and instruction while recording cycle times. 

Key Features: 

  • Web-based interface and configuration
  • Real-time task status and time
  • Images and instructions change per task
  • Overall station cycle timer
  • Configurable images, instructions and sequence
  • Off-line mode for training or configuration
  • Broadcast of coming parts
  • Model comparison
  • User entered station notes
  • User-configurable info for safety, MSDS, station setup, etc.
  • Operator login and security features 
  • Can be applied to any manufacturing process whether it is a manual assembly line or a highly automated line
  • Compliments and works well with other eFlex MES modules
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Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.04.32 AM.png
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Job Element Light (JEL) - Task Indication Software 


JEL is a web-based task indication solution that works with our eFlex Assembly module to provide users with the status of stations and individual tasks.  In real-time the JEL page will automatically show when tasks have been enabled, ok, rejected, not required, or bypassed.   Additionally, as sequence or task names are changed within eFlex Assembly, JEL screens will immediately react. 

  • Can be displayed on any web-based device from tablets to large, overhead monitors
  • Real-time task status
  • Can show overall station timer
  • Page automatically scrolls as tasks are completed
  • Tasks line up on the page based on the configure sequence
  • Reacts to eFlex Assembly changes immediately
  • Available in many languages

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