Infographic of Operator Picking Parts for Kitting Needs


Next Generation Part Picking and Kitting Solutions
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Infographic of Operator Picking Parts for Kitting Needs

Error-Proof Material Handling

Simplify standardized work of the operator with an easy-to-use, plug-n-play kitting solution. Reduce material handling and processing times at the point-of-use. Free up line side space and deliver 100% quality product to the operator 100% of the time. eFlex Kitting is compatible with a variety of hardware solutions – with unmatched flexibility and an easy part picking system. Successfully used by global OEMs.

Supports Various
Hardware Needs.

Plug-n-play IO sensors and switches, barcode scanners, and vision systems. Installed on your rack designs or ours!

Flexibility Control.

With unprecedented flexibility, you are no longer locked into hardware or a rigid system.

Quick & Easy

Quickly configure kitting tasks and standardize process control. No programming necessary – it's that easy!

Error Proof Load
& Pick Side.

Maximize quality management efforts. Error proof material handling for both pick and load side.

One Application. Many Kitting Solutions.

You pick the level of error proofing you need!
Visual Guidance for Kitting Operators

Visually guide and prompt the operator for correct part picking, kitting and assembly needs. Accelerate and reduce the cost of training. Gather KPIs for kitting cycle times, part picking verification, and more, to quickly identity constraints and improvement needs.

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eFlex Desktop
Digital Work Instructions for Kitting
Barcode Scanner with Work Instruction Interface

Barcode Scan Parts

Enforce Kitting Processes and Quality

For higher level error proofing, barcode scan parts for expected kit values. This is a simple and cost effective way to error proof kitting operations without the need for wiring or additional hardware. This method also enforces and tracks the quality process, reduces production costs and assures regulatory standards are met. Process data capture allows for traceability and part genealogy reporting.

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Pick Error Proofing

Simplified I/O Connection - Sensors and Switches

Easily integrate, configure and enable process control for pick lights and sensors to verify correct part picking. Collect process data and KPIs along the way. Apply to your rack designs or ours. We can provide a complete turnkey solution if needed!

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Kitting Racks with Lights
Manufacturing Engineer Working on iPad

Integrate BOMs & Models

Easy Part Proliferation

Do you manufacture many models or product variations to meet customer demands? Have thousands of parts or configurations in your assembly process? No worries! Integrate your BOM and component specifications for quick and easy part proliferation and kitting needs. Assure products are build right the first time, every time.

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Visual Inspection or Image Archive of Kits

For advanced error proofing and check, vision inspection can be used to verify kits and correct part picking. Or simply, capture an image of kits and archive for review, reporting, recalls or warranty claims.

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eFlex Desktop
Digital Work Instructions with Integrated Image Capture of Manufacturing Kits
Operator Scanning Parts with Barcode Reader
eFlex Solution


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Benefits & ROI of eFlex Kitting
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