Elude Lean Fatigue

by Josh Easterling, on Jun 29, 2018 2:27:44 PM

joshh By Josh Easterling, Sales Representative at eFlex Systems 

“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got” -Henry Ford

lean-manufacturingCompanies are always seeking large scale operational improvements. One department companies always rely on to help with this is the Lean Manufacturing team. The lean team helps take the waste out of everything, so that companies can keep their costs down, and pass these savings down to the end users (customers).

Lean manufacturing teams pay close attention to the details of certain departments, and figure out ways and methods for improvements.  But how much time can they spend on the same key factors? These lean teams do their best to improve takt times, take time to set up value stream mapping, improve OEE, and monitor Andon systems. However, once you have made these improvements, what is next? The answer is simple, and that answer is Industry 4.0.

If these companies truly want a “smart factory”, then these lean teams need to be at the top of the cusp of technology systems. Advancements in manufacturing technology are transforming the industry and providing new and revolutionary pathways for more agile and efficient operations.  Lean teams need to research and stay open to new ideas and evolving technology solutions that could have significant impact on their operations,  processes, and bottom line. 

So how do you keep your lean manufacturing teams from letting fatigue set in?

  • Always challenge your teams to be current on modern technology.
  • Guide them to stay organized.
  • Have them meet with operators individually.

Have your lean team sign up for magazines, blogs, and visit industry 4.0 websites. This will help educate them on what new modern technology is available, and what it can do to improve production and quality. This will also challenge them to keep their minds thinking, “how can I implement these systems into our process.”

Staying organized is huge, so work closely with your lean team and make sure that every piece of data has a home.

Lastly, have them meet with operators. This will give them a true perspective as to the struggles and/or positive feedback they might have for the administrative team. It will also show the operators that their opinions do matter to upper level management, and it will help build a connection between teams.

By following these few steps, you will keep your lean team hungry and interested in consistently trying to be the best manufacturing facility there is. So be that company thats sets the pace for all other manufacturing companies.

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