eFlex Quality

Collect Big Data from your manufacturing process on a part-by-part basis. Stored locally or in the cloud.

Web-Based Software for Manufacturing Data Collection

With eFlex Quality you can collect manufacturing data from plant floor devices such as tool controllers, gauges, test equipment, and databases. Data collection provides a complete historical record for every part in the production process.  Store data with eFlex Quality's fast and reliable local or cloud-based MongoDB.  Easily share the data with any ERP or business system.  Use web-based reporting tools that are built into the software suite to retrieve and manipulate the data to get actionable information. 

                                          Features of eFlex Quality 

Web-Based & User Configurable

  • eFlex Quality is a completely web-based solution
  • Users can configure and access Quality data through browser capable devices such as Android Tablets, iPads, Google Chromebooks, etc. 
  • Process values and specification limits 
  • User-defined, part-specific process parameters

Data Collection      Features 

  • Collect up to 150 data points per part for every station; this data is available for stations or processes downstream and for reporting 
  • Capture test results, manual measurements, and other process variables with each inspection, machine cycle, etc.
  • Store data locally or in the cloud 



  • Statistically analyze quality data with eFlex BI tool and eFlex Analytics 
  • eFlex Analytics allows users to visualize and analyze quality data through "smart widgets" such as histrograms, x-bar charts, moving average, and regression analysis 
  • With eFlex BI, sophisticated users can data mine historical data for trends and root cause analysis