Prevent defective parts and errors in your assembly process.

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Improve First Time Quality.

Epicor Connected Process Controls embedded quality management feature empowers users with greater levels of efficiency, visibility, and cost savings. It allows manufacturers to reduce human error, easily identify non-conformance throughout the entire assembly process, enable reject and repair strategies, and ensure only good parts are produced.

Use Epicor Connected Process Control to improve to 100% FTQ!
Device frame for the eFlex platform.
eFlex example of quality inspection data.

Improve Your Inspection Process.

Easily Identify non-conformance and defects with inline quality inspection and prevent bad parts from moving downstream. Implement manual or automated inspection processes and minimize the cost of poor quality.

Develop Rework & Repair Strategies.

Minimize scrap and reduce costs with rework/repair strategies. When parts are rejected, select a customizable drop down menu to choose the repair code necessary and enter any additional notes. Collect detailed process data for all rejected parts to more easily identity inefficiencies and continuous process improvement needs.

Device frame for the eFlex platform.
eFlex interface example of enforcing path requirements.
infographic of eFlex improper path requirement functionality.

Enforce Path Requirements.

Configure pre-requisites and never build out of order. Ensure parts have passed all requirements in sub-assembly and main assembly lines before being shipped out. Robust traceability and part genealogy ensure correct builds and quality standards.

Easily Integrate Tooling & Devices

To further eliminate errors, easily connect machines and IoT devices into your assembly process. This allows operators to follow the right procedures, use the right tools with the right tolerance levels, at the right time, and enforce quality standards.

Simplified Information.

Plug-n-play, comprehensive solution with no programming or app templates required.

Enforce Error Proofing.

Embedded IoT devices and instructions make it difficult for operators to make mistakes.

Warranty Protection.

Capture and store assembly images. Verify products left the facility in good condition.

automated assembly line with traceability and quality control.

Monitor Quality Trends.

With Epicor Connected Process Control Business Intelligence, monitor quality trends and root cause analysis for stations, lines, plants, or enterprise wide needs. Powerful data collection down to the task level viewed in inituitive dashboards and reports. Get real-time visibility and insight of quality trends, allowing for continuous process improvement rather than just keeping defects out.

Device frame for the eFlex platform.
eFlex example of business intelligence used for quality control.

Continuous Improvement.

Accelerate & Ensure Training Needs.

Interactive digital work instructions allow for accelerated training, while validating that correct procedures were done at the task level. Based on operator skill level, the quanity of tasks or process steps dynamically change, avoiding over-processing while helping to ensure quality.

Quick Process & Document Changes.

If quality errors occur due to inaccurate work instructions or processes, users with verified credentials can quickly and easily modify them within the web-based platform and alert operators at the station level.

Meet Compliance & Quality Standards.

Ensure compliance standards are always met by automating quality management processes. Get digital build history reports and robust analtyics to support various groups and cross-functional teams.

Who Benefits?

There something for everyone. Full Transparency for all stakeholders in the quality process.

Corporate HQ

Corporate HQ

Access data from multiple sites, all in one place.



Single install point & data aggregation make the job of IT easy.

Plant Manager

Plant Manager

View plant wide live production metrics & dashboards.

Medical & Industrial Engineer

Medical & Industrial Engineer

Make manufacturing process changes quickly and easily.

Quality Engineer

Quality Engineer

Error-proof, enforce quality standards and increase FTQ.

Lean & Continuous Improvement

Lean & Continuous Improvement

Get the data you need to drive change & monitor results.

Supervisor & Team Leader

Supervisor & Team Leader

Monitor your team in real time and get the alerts you need.

Operator & Technician

Operator & Technician

All the right information at the right time, just a touch away.

Digital industry 4.0 factory.

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