Join Us in Booth #348 at The Assembly Show 2016 for a Demo of our Traceability Solution

by Dan McKiernan, on Sep 19, 2015 9:34:45 AM

Come and visit eFlex Systems at booth #348 at The Assembly Show 2016 to find out how eFlex Track & Trace, our Traceability &  Quality Management Software, can help with part traceability and quality management.

Visit our booth to see how our software works and the capabilities we can bring to your manufacturing organization. A sample screenshot of this software is below:

Software screenshot of Track and Trace

Are you experiencing any of these issues in your production lines?

  • Lack of knowledge about parts in-process
  • Lack of infrastructure and consistency to store data and track within the plant
  • Unable to meet production demand
  • Unable to meet customer and corporate requirements.
  • Experiencing a priority conflict between production numbers vs quality
  • Lack of serialization of items and sub-assemblies

What Will You See In Our Booth at The Assembly Show?

Whether you are looking to improve quality, launch a new product, expand your plant or implementing some new automation or process, part traceability software that traces each part from supplier to customer needs to be a top priority.

Bring part tracking visibility to the entire production process and empower all users track, contain, retrieve and report part status in real-time with eFlex Track & Trace, the robust traceability and quality management software from eFlex Systems.

The benefits of eFlex Track & Trace include:

  1. Achieve real-time query response times of less than 300ms, with our highly robust traceability software and server.
  2. Reduce your manufacturing costs while increasing quality and speed with zero impact on production.
  3. Save your limited engineering resources and get immediate ROI by implementing our turnkey solution, rather than waiting to build your own.

The features of eFlex Track & Trace include:

  1. Plant Floor Production Visibility: Receive real-time and historical production visibility for part status, work-in-process and genealogy.
  2. Quality Process Management: Enable, enforce and track the quality process (QA & QC) to reduce production costs.
  3. Paperless Tracking & Reporting: Empower decision-makers with paperless tracking, archiving and reporting capabilities.
  4. Part Genealogy Management: Traceability and process data storage for every part status from supplier to customer.

Come and visit eFlex Systems at booth #348 to find out how eFlex Track & Trace, our Traceability &  Quality Management Software, can help with your traceability and quality issues.

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