Vision Systems

Plug-n-play connectivity for any ethernet based cameras.

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Integrate Vision Systems in Your Process

Once your team has finished programming cameras for error checking, easily integrate and configure them into your process with Epicor Connected Process Control. Simply name the cameras via IP assignment.

Shared Process Data

We control and trigger the camera device based on the component or model variables and receive data and pass/fail feedback along with images.

Process Alerts

Collected data can be utilized for text and email alerts regarding image and barcode quality.

Traceability & Genealogy

Camera data and images provide enhanced reporting, product stackup and compliance records.

Image Storage

Epicor Connected Process Control provides an integrated environment for managing and retrieving process images. Select the size and duration of images to be saved. Sort and search through thousands of serialized product images with ease, and respond quickly to contain and manage quality spills and warranty issues.

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