Barcode Readers

Simple plug-n-play connectivity. Used for scanning serial numbers, lots, and batches.

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Integrate Barcode Readers in your Process

Barcode scanners are great for kicking off a build - whether scanning a barcode on the traveler or the product itself. They can error-proof your process with verification of correct parts, verification of expected kit values, and component marriage. Collected serial numbers, lots, and batches are stored to maintain genealogy records. Integrated barcode readers can also be used to scan badges for operator login and verification of supervisor approval.

Supported Scanners

Handheld Scanners

Handheld scanners, either wired or wireless, are most commonly connected via USB. They also have the option of being connected through ethernet.

Fixed Position Scanners

Wired fixed position scanners most commonly use an ethernet connection, but have USB options. These types enable high-speed, hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode on any surface. Wired scanners also provide advanced capabilities that many vendors offer for reading difficult codes (i.e. long range or poor quality).


Webcams are supported scanners that have very low cost and are a good option for simple applications. Webcams function as a connected USB device leveraging an algorithm to decode barcodes.

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