The "e" in eFlex 

by Israel Vicars, on Mar 30, 2018 9:09:24 AM


 by Israel Vicars, Software Developer at eFlex Systems

What does the “e” in eFlex stand for? Electronic? Excellent? Effervescent? Emulsifier?


The acronyms in our everyday conversation become background noise after a while. At eFlex, our meetings and code are filled with industry jargon, company lingo, and product names. Learning the eFlex dialect is a critical job requirement. How else are you going to know which components to use in the model-based modal model? 

AI Artificial Intelligence The ability of a computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with  human intelligence.
API Application Programmable Interface A set of clearly defined methods of communication between software components, including web-based systems. 
AR Augmented Reality Interactive digital imagery projected on physical surfaces or visually overlayed through a viewing device.
BOM Bill of Material A list of materials, assemblies and components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture a product.
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software that an organization can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from business activities.
FACS Flexible Assembly Configuration System Overall architecture of an error proofing system that has common logic and hardware at each station.
HMI Human Machine Interface A computer screen for use by an operator at a station.
IoT Internet of Things The network of physical devices embedded with technology and software to connect and exchange data.
JEL Job Element Light Displays large boxes (cells) for each task to be performed by the operator at a station.
JEM Job Element Monitor Displays live status of tasks for the  part in a station, usually with instructional pictures and text.
JEM NI JEM Non-Interlocked JEM for non-interlocked tasks which an operator has to complete without download or connection to a PLC.
MES Manufacturing Execution System Computerized system used to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. 
MQTT Message Queueing Telemetry Transport Messaging protocol for remote connections where a "small code footprint" is required or bandwidth is limited.
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets A widely used system for cataloging information on chemicals, chemical compounds, and chemical mixtures. 
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness An analysis and graphic representation of availability, performance and quality. 
PLC Programmable Logic Controller An industrial digital computer used to control manufacturing processes such as assembly lines. 
PPE Personal Protective Equipment Protective clothing, helmet, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. 
PUN Part Unique Number The unique serial number for a part and commonly used to refer the part itself. 
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol The set of communications protocols used on the internet and similar computer networks. 
TnT Track and Trace An application in eFlex that is used to track parts' location and status through a machining process.
UI User Interface Any space where interactions between between humans and machines occur. 
GUI Graphical User Interface A type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators. 
WI Work Instruction The step-by-step activities or actions a person should take to achieve a specific goal.
WIP Work in Process Parts that are in the process of being built but are not finished.  
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