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Enable, enforce and track the quality process.
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Maximize Quality & Reduce Costs

eFlex Track & Trace is a manufacturing traceability and quality control software solution which enables users to easily store, retrieve, and report on part status and product genealogy. Real-time traceability helps your team quickly identify quality or compliance issues, develop repair/rework strategies, and contain suspect parts – ensuring first time quality (FTQ) scores remain exceptional.

Quality Product & Process Management

Flexible, fast, easy-to-use solution for all your traceability needs with full fail over capabilities.


Help operators avoid mistakes, correct inefficiencies, and eliminate defects.

Part Genealogy Management

Traceability and process data storage for every part with digital product birth certificate.

Plant Floor Production Visibility

Recieve real-time and historical production visibility for part status, WIP and geneology.

Paperless Tracking & Reporting

Empower decision-makers with paperless tracking, archiving and reporting capabilities.

Device frame for the eFlex platform.
eFlex Systems Interface Example.

Powerful Process Data Collection & Part History.

Unlimited data collection options and capabilities! Easily capture manual process data from operators and keyboard wedge. Connect IoT devices in your assembly process for further error proofing and automated process data capture.

Optional Image Storage and Management.

Gather 2D images to further control quality spills, warranty claims and improve root cause analysis. Our web-based interface allows users to quickly and easily search, download and analyze images cost-effectively and in real-time as products are being built.

Device frame for the eFlex platform.
eFlex Systems Interface Example.

Digital Birth Certificate

eFlex Track & Trace captures detailed and granular process data down to the component and task level, enabling numerous web-based reporting capabilities. Get a digital birth certificate for every product – the proof you need that products were build correctly and compliance standards met.

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Benefits & ROI of eFlex Tack & Trace:

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