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What’s the Best Method for Storing & Organizing Part Inspection Images from Your Manufacturing Process?

Created: 23 September 2015

Manufacturers are beginning to realize the need to retain images as product is processed through their systems to help with warranty claim management, improve quality and perform root cause analysis. Vision image inspection systems have been growing in recent years because the need for improving assembly line inspection and quality, in conjunction with reduced personnel, has driven demand towards “automated” inspection. Fortunately for manufacturers, vision inspection system prices are dropping and suppliers are coming out with lower cost models which are capable of sophisticated error proofing and file handling. This short guide will help you sort through the features and options to determine what capabilities you want and need.

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9 Scenarios of Common Assembly Line Issues

Created: 08 September 2015

To explain how eFlex Assembly might support the assembly line issues you are facing, the following are 9 common scenarios we frequently hear from engineers.

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The Zone vs Distributed Cost Debate: What’s the Best Assembly Line Control Architecture for Assembly Systems?

Created: 08 September 2015

There has been an ongoing debate over “zone” vs “distributed” control architecture for assembly line systems. It is the old-school “zone” approach verse the “distributed” approach, which takes advantage of Moore’s law.

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Thinking Outside the Box - Literally

Created: 18 December 2013

GM realizes “weeks to hours” reduction in line change and transmission build dynamics at Toledo Powertrain, resulting from Flexible Assembly Configuration System (FACS) and Siemens control/communication. A tried and true euphemism nowadays — “thinking outside of the box” — usually refers to a pattern of thought or action that results in rapid innovation, enhanced relationships being developed from established concepts as well as new ones, plus a genuine willingness to forego past practices in favor of a better way. Enter the GF6 six-speed, front wheel transmission line at General Motors Powertrain on Alexis Road in Toledo, Ohio.

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Assembly Line Comparison Study:

Flexible Assembly Line vs Highly Automated Fixed Tooling

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Your assembly line’s output must reflect market demand, adapt in a fraction of the time, and maintain quality. Download this case to see a comparison between two assembly lines: one highly fixed and the other flexible.


Inflexible Assembly Line Case Study:

"Market Change Results in Lost Sales Due to 'Inflexible' Fixed Tooling Assembly Systems"

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Read this case study to learn how a global manufacturer with an “inflexible” assembly lines was NOT prepared to handle an overnight shift in demand, resulting in lost sales. To fix this issue, this major automotive manufacturer implemented eFlex Assembly on their global powertrain assembly lines to achieve great results!


Case Study:

eFlex Vision Processes 200,000 Images Per Day on a High Volume Transmission Assembly Line

Download this CaseStudy

A large automotive manufacturer uses eFlex Vision to process over 200,000 process images per day, at roughly 200 images per minute. Learn how eFlex Vision increases their image accessibility and reliability, reduces complexity and maintenance costs, decreases response time to camera issues, provides camera audit trail tracking and much more.