• eFlex Assembly Line Optimization
  • eFlex Traceability & Quality Management

    Traceability & Quality

    Achieve production manufacturing excellence by enforcing process requirements and storing results.

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  • eFlex Vision Image Management

    Vision Image

    Improve warranty claim management and quality with a process image storage and retrieval system.

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Flexible and Lean Tools, Technology & Software for Continuous Manufacturing Excellence

Flexible and Lean Tools, Technology & Software
for Continuous Manufacturing Excellence

Our lean manufacturing tools and software can help you achieve
the right balance of flexibility, tools, technology, software
and lean manufacturing principles to meet changing market demands.



Navistar integrates eFlex Technology in its Springfied plant for the production of GM Vans

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GM Plant Implements eFlex Assembly to Improve Flexibility

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Cognex & eFlex Vision Improve Quality and Reduce Warranty Costs

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Case Study:
eFlex Vision Protects Global Auto Manufacturer Against Improper Warranty Claims

eFlex Vision protects major automotive manufacturing sites across the globe
against improper warranty claims. If a quality spill does occur,
the site engineers can quickly contain and minimize the size and scope.

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Vision Inspection Image Storage System

Manufacturers who generate a large number of process images and need better monitoring and preventive reporting should consider utilizing a web-based vision inspection storage system.

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Common Assembly Line Issues

Learn how to overcome common assembly line issues such as change in demand, unbalanced station workloads, lack of real-time information, lengthy changeover time, and more.

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Execute a Line Shutdown and Changeover Quickly

Read this comparison study between flexible and highly automated fixed tooling assembly lines to learn how this global automotive manufacturer customer finds "flexible" lines save time and money.

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