Technologies transforming VEHICLE ASSEMBLY

MIP revolutionizes vehicle assembly for the digital era

Vehicle assembly is currently both costly and challenging to modify and achieve the quality, customization and variability demands of the modern market. In this brochure, learn about the digital challenges vehicle assembly operations face and how new web technologies and IoT devices are revolutionizing vehicle assembly for the digital era.


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What's in the brochure?

Vehicle Assembly - Digital Challenges

A quick breakdown of challenges vehicle assembly operations face when trying to digitally transform.

Vehicle Assembly- Digital Data Revolution

A review of the digital/data revolution and how new technologies are transforming plant floor solutions.

Vehicle Assembly - Advantages of MIP

Critical features and advantages of MIP and how it can be utilized in vehicle assembly operations.

The Manufacturing Integrated Platform

Your gateway to lean manufacturing and new efficiencies.

MIP is an easy-to-use, software solution revolutionizing vehicle assembly. Easily configure digital work instructions and process control no matter how many models or component variations used. Connect and enable IoT devices with no programming needed. Ensure operators follow the appropriate task sequence for error proofing and quality control. Collect granular data and get the business intelligence you deserve for improvement initiatives and a competitive advantage.

Epicor Connected Process Control Infographic