The Connected Frontline Worker

Empowering Operators for Success

Learn how modern technology investments for the plant floor are creating the Connected Frontline Workers that will power manufacturing's increasingly connected future. With improvements in collaboration, operational efficiency and quality.

Connected Frontline Worker - Digital Work Instructions

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A breakdown of labor challenges manufacturers currently face and the opportunity innovative technologies and inspired solutions offer for a new way forward.

Estimates of Manufacturing Labor Cost Increases-1

Structural labor challenges and increased costs manufacturers currently face that limit growth and profitability.

Operator viewing digital work instructions

New technologies and digital solutions that can help expedite training, efficiency and productivity.

Operator Viewing a Part History Report-1

Empowering the frontline worker with connected, collaborative, data-driven tools to succeed.

connected process control

Your gateway to lean manufacturing and new efficiencies.

Epicor Connected Process Control helps you maximize quality and thoughput on the plant floor while reducing costs, giving you a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. At Epicor, we strive to empower manufacturers to join the Industry 4.0 movement with cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions, helping you become agile, data-driven and best-in-class.