Practical Guide to Digital Transformation

25 Quick Tips for Moving from Paper to Digital Work Instructions

Whether you are just starting your digital journey and looking for basic paperless work instructions, or looking for a fully automated solution with IIoT connected devices, tooling, vision systems and more, eFlex has you covered.

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What's in the Guide?

Learn quick tips and step-by-step best practices of how to Create, Test, Authorize, Distribute and Monitor clear, precise and effective digital work instructions (WI), as well as advanced considerations.

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A quick breakdown of problems associated with paper-based WI

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Quick tips and best practices for implementing effective digital WI

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Advanced considerations for error proofing & quality control

JEM Digital Work Instructions

Your gateway to lean manufacturing and new efficiencies.

Are you growing frustrated with using Word, Excel, Powerpoint or homegrown systems to create and manage work instructions, SOPs and training documents? Tired of paper and inefficient processes? Job Element Monitor (JEM) is an easy-to-use, software solution to configure digital work instructions and process control. Easily connect and enable IoT devices with no programming needed. Ensure operators follow the appropriate task sequence for error proofing and quality control. Collect unlimited amounts of process data with digitization of operations and turn data silos into useful insight for ongoing improvement initiatives.

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