Kitting Management Software & Hardware

Deliver the right part to the right place at the right time.



Off-the-shelf kitting solution that supports line side and off-site kitting architectures.  Integrates into any type of kitting solution and manufacturing process. Plug-n-play standardized hardware that can be installed on either your rack design or ours.

Flexible & Easy Part Picking System

Modular, reconfigurable kitting solution where pick sensors/indicators, error proofing, barcode readers, door switches, and more can be changed or added in minutes without programming, eliminating downtime.  

Customized to Fit

Your Needs

 The eFlex Kitting solution can be customized for small lot or bulk parts. You control the level of error proofing for both pick and load side. We can apply to your rack designs or provide a complete turnkey solution. 

eFlex-Kitting-wtag.png   eFlex Kitting Highlights:           

  • Simplify standardized work of the operator
  • Allow for kitting labor linearity
  • Frees up line side space
  • Configure without programming 
  • Unmatched flexibility and easy part picking system
  • Compatible with a variety of hardware solutions
  • Successfully used by global OEMs 
  • Deliver 100% quality product to the operator 100% of the time

To learn more about eFlex Kitting, download our brochure. 

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