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Epicor Connected Process Control

Learn how our no-code/low-code process control system is digitally transforming the factory floor. From embedded digital work instructions, device connectivity to a full traceability solution. A flexible, scalable system - helping manufacturers improve efficiency, quality and empower employees.

Systems Overview - Epicor Connected Process Control (cover)

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What's in the Overview?

A breakdown of the industries served, software features and functionality, along with the value it provides manufacturers globally.

Industry Solution - Epicor Connected Process Control

A simple path to digital transformation for any industry of any size. Serving customers globally.

Epicor Connected Process Control

Connecting people, processes, machines and sensors on the plant floor. Error proofing at a new level.

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Business intelligence and data-driven insight for continuous improvement and a competitive advantage.

connected process control

Your gateway to lean manufacturing and new efficiencies.

Epicor Connected Process Control helps you maximize quality and thoughput on the plant floor while reducing costs, giving you a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. At Epicor, we strive to empower manufacturers to join the Industry 4.0 movement with cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions, helping you become agile, data-driven and best-in-class.

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