Case Study: Market Change Results in Lost Sales Due to “Inflexible” Fixed Tooling Assembly Systems

Are spikes or dips in demand or other changes in your industry forcing you to rethink your manufacturing strategies?

Read this case study to learn how a global manufacturer with “inflexible” assembly lines was NOT prepared to handle an overnight shift in demand, resulting in lost sales.

To fix this issue, this major automotive manufacturer implemented eFlex Assembly on their global powertrain assembly lines to achieve:

  • 82% increase in flexibility
  • 35% cost savings on new lines
  • 40-50% faster delivery of new assembly lines
  • 50-70% of capital can be redeployed for a different product
  • 30-40% increase in efficiency

How do we achieve these results?

Our software, hardware and tools allow you to rebalance, reconfigure and report to quickly adapt to meet changing market demands, while also using existing resources and staff. Download this case study to learn more.

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