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eFlex's Manufacturing Integrated Platform, or MIP for short, delivers the simplest path to digital transformation.

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eFlex Systems Interface Example.

Digitize Manufacturing with the eFlex Advantage

MIP is powered by the MIP Data— providing detailed, integrated granular manufacturing process data down to the most basic task level. All in one place.

Intelligent MIP Data enables powerful end-to-end people and data collaboration across the enterprise. Everyone from the shop floor to the top floor can see the status of your production line and get real-time actionable insight. A lean competitive advantage to maximize quality and throughput while reducing costs.

Configure Easily.

MIP is simple to configure without any programming. One integrated platform. It's all connected. No more complex layers.

Connect IoT Devices.

Easy, plug-n-play, IoT device connect. Automatically display, verify and collect device level data at the station level.

Control Your Process.

Complexity under control! Advanced process control for low and high mix assembly. Easily error proof operations.

Collect & Improve.

Collect process data and cycle times down to the task level. Quickly identity problem areas and improvement initiatives.


Whether your environment is high or low mix assembly, our solutions will fit your process control needs. MIP data gives you a flexible and free-flowing manufacturing landscape.

Configure BOM Options & Components.

Easily manage variability and high mix process control with MIP. Our system intuitively reacts to the individual components and options of your BOM without the need to configure every possible variant of your product.

Connect any IoT Devices, PLCs, & Upper Level Systems

MIP provides an environment to easily connect plug-n-play IoT devices and PLCs for device level control and data collection, all without any necessary programming. Sequential process control and error proofing becomes seamless, guiding operators every step of the way.

Adjust Process Controls Anytime.

MIP Data gives you a high-level overview of the plant floor. Seamlessly rebalance lines with drag-n-drop, adjust process controls, and attune any sudden discrepancies.

It's one integrated platform.

It’s all connected so it doesn’t need months to configure or get started. Simply turn on the solutions you need now and add more as you grow. Fast-track paperless manufacturing, empower shop floor teams, enforce process and quality control and get the business intelligence you deserve.

eFlex Systems Interface Example.
Cloud or Local Storage

Run MIP locally or in the cloud. You decide what works best for your operation. Both are web-based with direct access to data anywhere, anytime.

Scalable and Mobile

Scalable, modular solutions for station, plant or enterprise wide needs. Choose the solutions you need now to get started and scale when ready.

Flexible Configuration

Quick and easy configurations, allowing changes to be made in minutes not days. No programming needed. Web-based with ability to make changes off-site if needed.

Support & Learning

We want your digitization goals to be a success. Our dedicated support team along with the online eFlex Learning Center will help you every step of the way.

Industry 4.0 is one step away!

Watch a video about our digital work instructions – Job Element Monitor (JEM), to learn how our platform solutions easily integrate and control manufacturing processes.

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