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Whether your build process takes days, hours, or seconds – has thousands of parts or product variations, the eFlex platform provides a flexible solution for plant floor control, visibility and error proofing.  Easily configure your manufacturing environment, standardize work instructions and process control, while enforcing quality standards.  Connect and enable devices and ensure parameters are always met.  Collect process data and 100% cycle times down to the task level.   Build products right the first time – every time. 


eFlex Transforms Manufacturers into 

Digital Enterprises

Industry 4.0 is changing manufacturing business models, automating processes, providing open visibility of plant operations with access to valuable, real-time data.  eFlex's manufacturing solutions integrate with greenfield and brownfield lines, allowing manufacturers to improve efficiency and productivity with digitization of operations.

Cloud or Local 

Run applications locally or in the cloud.   You decide what works best for your plant. Both are web-based with direct access to data anywhere, anytime.  

Scalable & Mobile

Scalable, modular solutions for station, plant or enterprise wide needs. Choose the modules you need now and scale out as needed.  View on any web-capable device - Chromebook, iPad, etc.

Time & Cost Savings

Easy configurations, allowing changes to be made in minutes not days.  Web-based with ability to make changes off-site if needed. No need for engineers to be inundated with programming. 

eFlex Platform Solutions

Manufacturing software modules built on one, easy-to-use application platform.  Simply choose the web-based modules you need now for production and quality management.  Add more as you grow or when you need them. 

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Recent article published in Quality Digest. Electronic Work Instructions Address Manufacturing Employee Retention, Quality. Click the link to read more.

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eFlex to integrate Atlas Copco's industrial fastening devices into Job Element Monitor (JEM)– the leading digital work instruction platform to be used on a large medical device manufacturing project.    

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Navistar integrates eFlex technology in its Springfield plant for the production of GM Vans.

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