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The next-generation of process control and smart manufacturing.

Nominated by Assembly Magazine for 2019 New Product of the Year – Factory of the Future

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Simplified Plant Floor Layers, Connectivity & Control

eFlex's Manufacturing Integrated Platform (MIP) solutions deliver a new level of plant floor control, visibility and error proofing – making it easier than ever before to digitize operations, configure and manage processes, standardize best practices and ensure quality standards are always met.

While the cost of traditional layers on the plant floor can be extremely expensive and labor intense – from hardware and integration costs to programming and data analysis needs, MIP provides significant cost savings and reduces the need for separate layers on the plant floor – PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, and MES/MOM systems.

One application environment with one common navigation and flow from the control of I/O at the sensor level to advanced analytics reporting. Connectivity and direct control covering a wide range of PLCs, sensors, applications and virtually any data source. A flexible, scalable solution that grows with you.

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Manufacturing Data Storage
Cloud or Local Storage

Run applications locally or in the cloud. You decide what works best for your plant. Both are web-based with direct access to data anywhere, anytime.

Scalable & Mobile

Scalable, modular solutions for station, plant or enterprise wide needs. Choose the modules you need now and scale out as needed.

Time & Cost Savings

Quick and easy configurations, allowing changes to be made in minutes not days. Web-based with ability to make changes off-site if needed. No need for engineers to be inundated with programming.

One Application, Multiple Solutions.

Choose the solutions you need now and add more as you grow.
Scalable solutions for station, plant or enterprise wide needs.

A Solution for You.

Flexibility for a spectrum of different industries.

Whether your build process is model specific or component based with 1000's of parts or product variations, eFlex has a solution for you. Easily connect, enable, and collect process data for tooling and devices such as – barcode readers, pick lights, fasteners, gauges, cobots, vision systems, augmented reality systems and more.

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Easy-to-use Digital Interface


Start your digital transformation today! To learn more and see how eFlex solutions can streamline your processes and error proof operations – request a quick, online demo.

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Setup Your Plant.

Easily configure your manufacturing environment. Rebalance lines quickly with drag-n-drop functionality.

Control Your Process.

Standardize work instructions and process control. Ensure all steps are complete and quality measures met.

Interpret Your Data.

Collect process data and cycle times down to the task level. Quickly identity problem areas and improvement initiatives.

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