Job Element Monitoring (JEM) 
Web-based, paperless, job instructions


Enhance operator process knowledge. Communicate safety requirements. 
Provide collaboration tools. View task statuses in real-time. And, a whole lot more!

JEM, a web-based, paperless, job instruction works with eFlex Assembly to provide instructions for a station or individual tasks. In real-time as tasks are enabled and completed the system will automatically move to the proper image and instruction. Additionally, user-configurable information can be added to provide operators with safety requirements, MSDS information, station setup, to name a few.

  • Web-based interface and configuration 
  • Real-time task status and time
  • Images and instructions change per task
  • Overall station timer
  • Configurable images, instructions, sequences
  • Off-line mode for training or configuration
  • Broadcast of coming parts
  • Model comparison
  • User entered station notes
  • User-configurable info for safety, MSDS, station setup, etc.
  • Works with eFlex Assembly PnP solution
  • Operator login