Modular & Configurable Kitting Hardware & Software

Deliver products efficiently to your assembly process with eFlex Kitting.

eFlex Kitting supports the operator to deliver "the right part to the right place at the right time.” It empowers the assembly operator to work more efficiently reducing non value added work, minimizes apron space on the plant floor, and much more. 

Effective, efficient material handling is one of the foundations of any flexible production system, including lean manufacturing.

An efficient and flexible intra-facility material handling system should integrate all of the following principles:

  1. Design material flow and material presentation together.
  2. Deliver 100% quality product to the operator 100% of the time.
  3. Sequence and kit wherever possible product delivered to the line should appear in the right sequence and in only the right quantity needed for production.
  4. Re-evaluate and re-emphasize safety, fork trucks should be restricted from any area with human personnel to the highest extent possible.
  5. Build flexibility into all designs to encourage continuous improvement and creative thinking with modular solutions.

Taking these principles into account while integrating them into your manufacturing or production process improvement structure will ensure movement in the right direction towards your value added manufacturing operations becoming a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

With the rise of either line side or off site kitting for assembly, we’ve adapted a version of our eFlex Assembly Configuration tool specifically for the kitting needs.

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Features & Benefits

The primary objective of eFlex Kitting in support of the operator is “to deliver the right part to the right place at the right time" and includes:

  • Support the assembly operator in working more efficiently and error-free
  • Simplify standardized work of the operator
  • Eliminate part proliferation decisions from the operator during assembly
  • Separate “parts picking” (non-value added) from “assembly” (value added) work
  • Reduce overall non-value added work from the operator
  • Minimizes apron space on the plant floor
  • Allows for kitting labor linearity
  • Allows tier II wages &/or third parties to be utilized to support line side or off-site kitting
  • Simplifies the management of kitting changes that occur with respect to content and volume
  • Improves safety
  • Allows for the kitting area to serve as a supplement to the supermarket storage area
  • A dedicated kitting area specifically to support a sub-assembly area can be located adjacent to the sub assembly.

Additionally, we offer turn-key deliverables that include our eConfiguration tool for kitting and plug and play standardized hardware to be installed on either the customer’s rack design or our design. This provides for fast turnaround times and easy to use standardized kitting solutions.

Whether it be our kitting line configuration software and modular rack designs or your designs , eFlex Kitting can help you quickly adapt your assembly process to meet the ever changing market demands.