Manufacturing Images for Recall Review

Image Storage Management

Store up to several thousand daily production images in the cloud or locally with in-depth search criteria.

Quality Monitoring & Containment

Monitor your vision system health, reduce quality hits, and quickly and definitively contain quality spills. 

Warranty Claim Defense

Production images provide powerful documentation for warranty root cause analysis and prevention.


End-of-Line Inspection 

Turnkey, end of line inspection packages to provide you with the defense you need against invalid damage claims.

Benefits & Features of eFlex Vision

Benefits of eFlex Vision:        eFlex-Vision-3Dwtag-rgb.jpg

  • Advance Quality Management Efforts: Reduce first-time quality hits. Quickly retrieve images in the event of a quality spill. Contain quality spills by simply finding the “start” and “end” of the spill.
  • Improve Warranty Claim Management Capabilities: Use images for warranty claim reviews and improved root cause analysis. Comply with #FDA21 CFR Part 11 audit trails to help protect against warranty claims.
  • Eliminate High-Cost Resources:  Our web-based solution simplifies the image storage and retrieval process, reduces manual labor,  and bridges the gap between IT and the plant floor. 
  • Support Decision Making: Receive real-time, actionable information to enable process control, predictive maintenance, containment and more.
  • Quick Installation:   Apply eFlex Vision to your existing framework within a few days or weeks to quickly get started.  
  • Supports Diversified Industries:  Can be applied to manufacturing, medical, industrial, pharmaceuticals, government, and many more. 



Main Features:    

  • Store In The Cloud or Locally:   Store as many images as you need locally or in the cloud. 
  • Store & Retrieve Images Quickly:  Search through thousands of images quickly with numerous search criteria such as date, time, camera, product, serial number, pass/fail and more. 
  • Visible & Accessible Anywhere, Anytime:  Web-based interface that allows users on any device to easily search, download and analyze images cost-effectively and in real-time (as product is being built). 
  • Notifications: Receive text and email system alerts for predictive maintenance. 
  • Comprehensive Reports: Comprehensive and easy-to-use historical reporting, charting and data analysis.
  • Easily Integrates With Other eFlex Software Modules:  eFlex Vision, when combined with our Track & Trace module, provides manufacturers with powerful process data as well as 2D images to protect them against unjustified warranty claims.  Simply pick the modules you need now and add more later as you grow.  

Resources to Learn More About eFlex Vision

eFlex Vision Brochure

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Manufacturing Camera Lense
Case Study

"eFlex Vision Used on Cognex Cameras to Optimize Vision Inspection System, Improve Part Quality and Reduce Warranty Costs" 

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