Success Stories with eFlex Systems Manufacturing Software

Below are a few success stories of how our manufacturing software solutions are being used in global manufacturing operations to save time and money, while improving quality.

Market Change Results in Lost Sales Due to “Inflexible” Fixed Tooling Assembly Systems

Are spikes or dips in demand or other changes in your industry forcing you to rethink your manufacturing strategies? Read this case study to learn how a global manufacturer with “inflexible” assembly lines was NOT prepared to handle an overnight shift in demand, resulting in lost sales.

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Line Changeover Comparison Study: Flexible Assembly Line vs Highly Automated Fixed Tooling

This study is a comparison of the time and details needed to prepare and execute a shutdown and line changeover between the two manufacturing plants, one with highly automated fixed tooling and the other with a flexible assembly system.

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Large Automotive Manufacturer Integrates eFlex Vision onto Cognex Cameras to Optimize Vision Inspection System, Improve Part Quality and Reduce Warranty Costs

A large automotive manufacturer uses eFlex Vision to process over 200,000 process images per day, at roughly 200 images per minute. Learn how eFlex Vision increases their image accessibility and reliability, reduces complexity and maintenance costs, decreases response time to camera issues, provides camera audit trail tracking and much more.

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