eFlex Platform Solutions

Whether you are starting small and just looking for digital work instructions to go paperless on the plant floor or looking for a full enterprise solution with IIoT connected tooling & devices, advanced business intelligence and more – eFlex has you covered.  We grow with you! 


 Job Element Monitor (JEM) is an easy-to-use, software solution to configure digital work instructions, enforce process control and error proof operations. Utilize for assembly operations, repair stations, equipment maintenance & sterilization, or anywhere process control is critical. 


Enable, enforce and track the quality process to reduce production costs and meet regulatory standards. Receive real-time and historical production visibility for part status, work-in-process and genealogy.


eFlex's Vision App is a web-based solution to easily manage and retrieve several thousand daily production images with in-depth search criteria. Works with most camera systems and existing frameworks.  Protect yourself against damage claims and warranty issues.  


The eFlex Kitting solution can be customized for small lot or bulk parts. You control the level of error proofing for both pick and load side. We can apply to your rack designs or provide a complete turnkey solution.


Optimize your production line management efforts with eFlex Assembly.  Quickly react to market and product changes, rebalance lines and optimize assembly cycle times.  Achieve lean manufacturing efforts and increased productivity. 


eFlex Quality provides visibility, tools and reporting for the entire team –from operators at the station level, supervisors at the plant level, or leadership at the enterprise level. Error proof operations, quickly and easily identify defects and quality issues, contain bad parts, rework if necessary, and monitor trends to ensure quality goals are always met.


Collecting data metrics down to the task level creates large data repositories.  With eFlex's Business Intelligence App, generate reports and dashboards quickly and easily to identify bottlenecks and improvement initiatives.  Get the visibility you need for lean and profitable operations.


eFlex OEE is a web-based solution to monitor machine state and overall equipment effectiveness.  Get visibility and organized data dashboards to quickly identity the efficiency of your assembly process. Interactive touch screen options allow operators to easily enter reason codes and notes for issues such as faults, blocked, or starved stations.


Create customizable Andon dashboards and large overhead displays to assist in communication pathways, root-cause analysis and continuous improvement efforts. Get real-time visibility and insight for every part, operator, machine, station, line, or plant within the enterprise – where and when you need it. 

Digital Work Instructions

Whether your build process is model specific or component based with 1000's of parts or product variations, easily configure digital work instructions and process control to ensure products are built right and quality standards are met. Connect, enable, and collect process data from tooling and devices such as – barcode scanners, torque tools, gauges, cobots, vision systems, pick lights, sensors, augmented reality systems and more.

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Track & Trace

eFlex Track & Trace is a manufacturing traceability and quality control software solution which enables users to store, retrieve, and report part status in a manufacturing environment.  Part traceability provides numerous benefits for manufacturers including improved quality, reduced production costs, increased plant floor visibility while ensuring brand consistency.

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Vision Image Management

Benefits of a eFlex's Vision Image Management App: 

  • Robust image storage management and retrieval
  • Advanced quality monitoring and containment 
  • Warranty claim defense 
  • Powerful end-of-line inspection
  • Quick installation
  • Supports diversified industries
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Modular, configurable kitting solution where pick sensors/indicators, error proofing, barcode readers, door switches, and more can be changed or added in minutes without programming, eliminating downtime.  Always deliver the right part, to the right place, at the right time. 

  • Simplify standardized work of the operator
  • Unmatched flexibility and easy part picking system
  • Configure without programming
  • Compatible with a variety of hardware solutions
  • Successfully used by global OEMs
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eFlex Assembly integrates equipment and manpower on the plant floor to create an intelligent manufacturing system that is globally standardized and highly flexible for production, maintenance, quality, process and training. Benefits include: 

  • Robust error proofing and improved quality 
  • Standardized process control
  • Optimized cycle times
  • Ability to monitor WIP inventory
  • Ability to send alerts and notifications
  • Quick line changes without programming 
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved lean efforts
  • Real-time data and reporting
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Quality issues can be costly, especially when matters go unresolved for long periods of time.  Identifying root cause analysis for issues can be difficult, especially when paper-based tracking is utilized or when there is lack of visibility into daily operations. With eFlex Quality, digital process data is collected down to the task level, allowing for visibility and granularity of operations. Business intelligence reports quickly and easily identify quality issues, alert appropriate individuals and expedite improvement initiatives.

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Business Intelligence

Create reports and dashboards that are pertinent to your operations and improvement initiatives.  Reports can be filtered using numerous search criteria such as date, time, assembly area, station, user, product, etc.  Reporting options could include but are not limited to: 

  • Cycle time reports
  • Quality summary reports
  • Production reports
  • Shift report 
  • Repair, rework, reject code reports (pareto) 
  • Downtime report
  • Part marriage history PERT diagram
  • Torque data trend scorecard
  • Serial number/part history report
  • WIP and buffering reports
  • And many more! 


Manufacturers are constantly challenged to increase productivity, improve quality, and cut costs in order to successfully complete in today's market.  Powerful OEE reports provide management the tools they need to track the efficiency and effectiveness of a manufacturing process.  Benefits of eFlex OEE include: 

  • Streamlined data flows
  • Ability to identify quality issues quickly 
  • Easily set production targets and benchmarks per asset and resource 
  • Configurable dashboards to display current needs and historical trends
  • Real-time visibility of operations
  • Transparency of assets and increased productivity 
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eFlex Andon dashboards and displays provide visibility and insight with the right information, to the right people at the right time – allowing for continuous improvement efforts.  Customize the views to meet the specific needs of the user.  Plant floor displays for operators could show cycle times, parts produced, sensor information, quality measures, or other KPIs for their station, machine or line.  A plant manager could view real-time reports for every operator, machine or line within a facility.  A corporate manager could view KPIs across plants, divisions or global regions.  Display information that drives continuous improvement initiatives for your entire organization and gain a competitive advantage.

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Start Your Digital Transformation

eFlex's Manufacturing Integrated Platform (MIP) solutions deliver a new level of plant floor control, visibility and error proofing – making it easier than ever before to configure and manage processes, standardize work instructions and ensure quality standards are always met.  

While the cost of traditional layers on the plant floor can be extremely expensive and labor intense – from hardware and integration costs to programming and data analysis needs, MIP provides significant cost savings and reduces the need for separate layers on the plant floor – PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, and MES/MOM systems.   One application environment with one common navigation and flow from the control of I/O at the sensor level to advanced analytics reporting. 

While MIP reduces the need for layers on the plant floor, it does provide  connectivity and direct control covering a wide range of PLCs, sensors, applications and virtually any data source.  A flexible, scalable solution that grows with you! 

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ISA-95 Layer with MIP(08)