How to Infuse Lean with Technology to Create More Customer Value

October 4, 2018 | 2PM EST

Lean thinking verses technology – It's a misconception that lean is anti-technology, however lean is cautious about choosing the right technology. One that will actually help improve flow, processes and people.

With recent advancements in technology, many obstacles can be removed during lean implementation and improve success rates. But what's the best way to infuse the two to maximize value?

Attend this webinar as George Jewell, VP at eFlex Systems, and guest speaker, Luman Temby, President of Geolean USA, take a deep dive into technology and the lean manufacturing landscape. 

 What you'll learn: 

  • Common obstacles in layering typical tech solutions onto lean. 
  • Recent advancements in technology that can accelerate lean success.
  • Focus points for technology deployment – flexibility, data collection, and quality.
  •  Importance of collaborative technical tools. 
  • Customer failures/success stories.  


George Jewell
Vice President, eFlex Systems


 Guest Speaker 

Luman Temby
President, Geolean USA



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