Flexible Assembly Solution

Benefits of eFlex Assembly

Flexible Assembly Global Standard

Standardize lines with a global, flexible assembly solution to save time, labor and costs.

Simply Configure & Rebalance

Easily implement assembly line maintenance and line changes, without bringing them down.  Simple plug-n-play solution.

Error ProofingTools & Quality Management

Increase line productivity and reduce scrap with error proofing tools and quality management.

Real-Time Data & Reporting

Receive real time production data and reports on a paperless system with complete plant floor visibility.

Are you looking for a simple, plug-n-play assembly solution to quickly react to market demand?  Talk to one of our experts. 
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Flexible Assembly Optimization Architecture

Software & Hardware Solution

Optimize your production line management efforts with eFlex Assembly, our flexible assembly line planning and management software and hardware solution, to quickly react to market and product changes, improve quality and reduce waste.


eFlex Assembly can alleviate assembly line and production management issues, such as:        

    • LATE product launches
    • LACK of production flexibility to respond quickly to market changes
    • LOW first time quality during launches
    • POOR production quality in manufacturing operations
    • LACK of real time, easy-to-use critical production data and reporting         

How does eFlex Assembly impact manufacturers? 

Our customers quickly remove costs associated with inefficient production, poor quality and missed deliveries. eFlex Assembly is currently used in manufacturing plants across the globe to manage the entire assembly process, including configuring lines, implementing changeovers, model management, error proofing, part pick, part scanning, fastening,  line balancing and more. These manufacturing plants have realized time reduction of weeks-to-days for line changes, among other major benefits.  Review our line changeover comparison study between a flexible assembly line verses a highly automated fixed tooling line.  

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A major automotive manufacturer implemented eFlex Assembly on their global powertrain assembly lines to achieve: 82% increase in flexiblity, 35% cost savings on new lines, 40-50% faster delivery of new assembly lines, and 30-40% increase in efficiency.  Dowload the case study below to learn more. 

Resources to Learn More About eFlex Assembly

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eFlex Assembly Brochure

Download our Flexible Assembly Brochure to learn more. Optimize your production to meet changing market demands quickly, improve quality and reduce costs. 

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  Market Change Results in Lost Sales Due to "Inflexible Fixed Tooling Assembly Systems"

Read this case study to learn how a global manufacturer with “inflexible” assembly lines was not prepared to handle an overnight shift in demand, resulting in lost sales.  To fix this issue, eFlex Assembly was implemented on their global powertrain assembly lines with significant impact.

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