eFlex Andon

Ensuring that every employee, from the shop floor to the front office, is on the same page requires timely, nonstop communication. With eFlex Andon, employees can quickly view production information and company announcements.  This allows everyone to receive clear and consistent information, stay informed, and be prepared to take action in response to changing conditions. 

eFlex Andon

User-Configurable Web Pages

From mobile devices to large overhead monitors, continuously communicate user specific information to any web capable device within the plant.  With "smart widgets" this allows personalized and relevant information to be presented where and when it is needed. Analytics also assist employees in root-cause analysis and continuous improvement efforts.

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Key Features of eFlex Analytics


With eFlex MES data, Analytics can display traceability, OEE, assembly, process images and maintenance specific data. Additionally, you can display configurable banners that may include employee announcements, safety updates, and more. 

Targeted Information

Information can be targeted to specific areas or users within the organization such as operators, maintenance, or management.  This allows the right information to be displayed to the right people.

Display Platforms

Visual content can be presented on any web-capable device such as large overhead displays, any PC connected to the network and mobile devices. This enables information to quickly circulate to the entire organization with streamlined improvement plans.  


With eFlex MES plant-based or cloud-based data, users can configure pages for a specific station or plant, or configure hundreds of pages for the enterprise.   


With web-based smart widgets, users can quickly configure pages with targeted information.  Smart widgets such as Production Counts, WIP, Histogram, OEE, etc., allow users to visualize historical and real-time plant information.                                                                                                                         


With responsive design, Analytics can be viewed on a variety of web-capable mobile devices such as Android tablets, iPads, Google Chromebooks, etc.  

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