Job Element Light (JEL) 
Configurable, Real-Time, Web-Based Solution for Task Indication



Job Element Light (JEL), a web-based task indication solution, works with eFlex Assembly to provide users with the status of stations and individual tasks.  In real-time, the JEL page will automatically show when tasks are enabled, ok, rejected, not required, or bypassed.  Additionally, as sequence or task names are changed within eFlex Assembly, JEL screens will immediately react.  

  • Works with eFlex Assembly PnP solution
  • Can be displayed on any web-based device from tablets to large, overhead monitors
  • Real-time task status
  • Can show overall station timer
  • Page automatically scrolls as tasks are completed 
  • Tasks line up on the page based on the configure sequence
  • Reacts to eFlex Assembly changes immediately 
  • Available in many languages

  • JEL-05wDropdown-3.jpg JEL-05A-3.jpg

                                       Station/Footprint / Sequence Dropdown                                                                         Unlimited Task Lights / Station Timer