Flexible Assembly Systems Production Management Optimization Software & Hardware Solution

eFlex Assembly logoOptimize your production line management efforts with eFlex Assembly, our flexible assembly line planning and management software and hardware solution, to quickly react to market and product changes, improve quality and reduce waste.

eFlex Assembly can alleviate assembly line and production management issues, such as:

  • LATE product launches
  • LACK of production flexibility to respond quickly to market changes
  • LOW first time quality during launches
  • POOR production quality in manufacturing operations
  • LACK of real time, easy-to-use critical production data and reporting

Our customers quickly remove costs associated with inefficient production, poor quality and missed deliveries. eFlex Assembly is currently used in manufacturing plants across the globe to manage the entire assembly process, including configuring lines, implementing changeovers, model management, error proofing, part pick, part scanning, fastening,  line balancing and more. These manufacturing plants have realized time reduction of weeks-to-days for line changes, among other major benefits.



eFlex Assembly integrates equipment and manpower on the plant floor to create an intelligent manufacturing system that is globally standardized, high quality and highly flexible for production, maintenance, quality, process and training.

Some of the top benefits include:

  • Robust Error Proofing & Improve Quality: Improve first time quality by building the part “right” the first time through our extensive assembly error proofing toolkit (discrete sensor error proofing, vision error proofing, part pick error proofing, barcode scan error proofing).
  • Optimize Cycle Time: Decrease and level takt time throughout the entire assembly process.
  • Monitor WIP Inventory: Continually monitor work-in-process inventory to further lean efforts.
  • Empower the Operator: Empower operators with detailed, real time information and collaboration tools to understand process performance and communicate waste reduction ideas to improve productivity.
  • Send Alerts: Set-up the system to send critical event alerts in the assembly process through SMS text and emails.
  • Make Quick Line Changes: Meet changing market demands, with minimal downtime, by line balancing without recoding.
  • Use Existing Resources: Instead of contracting from outside, you can use internal resources to move stations and set-up new configurations.
  • Increase Productivity: Reduce or eliminate operator/product errors and wasted time to improve your plant efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve Lean Efforts: The framework and core design support your lean manufacturing efforts, including quickly responding to continuous improvement ideas, reviewing measured feedback, and encouraging suggestions and participation in the continuous improvement process.
  • Real Time Standardized Data Reporting: 100% data measurement with standardized statistical reporting and analysis to identify and locate issues and make objective, data-driven decisions. Review up-to-date critical production data, cycle/takt time data and reports on any HMI/PDA/browser device.
  • Improve Process Standardization: Enforce a corporate global assembly standard across hardware, software, analytics and processes, to save time, labor and cost, and increase ROI.

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Introduce new models and model variants or launch new assembly lines quickly and low-cost with the tools to rebalance, reconfigure or report.

  • Rebalance: Assembly line balancing and process task revision without recoding or stopping operations.
  • Reconfigure: Enables pull on-demand through real-time configuration of multiple model assembly processes.
  • Report: Full assembly line error proofing for production operations with real-time measurement and analysis.

THE TOOLS: Our infrastructure contains a Process Configuration Tool, Process Improvement Tool and Process Engineering Tool that are accessible and visible from the office to the plant floor. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TOOLS.


Integration Options

Although not necessary, there are significant synergies to be gained by implementing eFlex Track & Trace with our flexible assembly optimization software and our vision image storage software. Learn more.